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Full Photoset: 185 pictures. Slim Asian boy with the lovely name of Jap is showing his attributes, in this weekly photo-shoot.  Jap working as a hairdresser trainee, but like to meet older Western men on his spare time. His skin is smooth as silk, a little-bit hair under his arms, nice patch around his cock. Also nearly no hair around his perfect shaped fuck hole. His cock is medium sized, hard as rock, and his ass: That ass is so tiny, so firm with a really stretchy hole!

Full Lenght: 35 minutes. Asian cum eater named Tom is sexyfied this week. Tom is a young hunk with a toned muscular body, a very soft patch of tiny hair on his chest,  then from his abs down to his cock.  With a nice luring smile, he take off his clothes for us to admire his body.
The Cameraman get to play with his hard thick cock, sucking it and licking his bubble butt. Tom also want to to suck, he like white cock deep inside his mouth.
Tom get some lube, fingering his hole, stretching it wide open like an invitation to enter. Mister White guy slides his big cock inside Tom’s pulsating winker. Fucking the moaning boy in several positions while playing with his hard cock and nipples until Tom can’t take anymore.  But it does not end there….
Next up is a set of anal beads, big black ones! They get pushed in, a bit too much for Tom, his hole really stretches when they are pulled out again. Tom ask if he can cum, yes he’s been a good bottom slut. He jerking his cock like there was no tomorrow, twitching his toes and with a sudden he bursts. Asian cum flow out of his pinkish cock head covering his hard abs. This gets the Cameraman cumming too, straight into Tom’s gaping mouth, he just love it.  Tom eagerly sucks the last drops of sperm from the white cock, finishes with a cum covered smile.

Gay Asian Twink Sawat BoydeeSawat Boydee showing his hard cockSawat Boydee showing his anus hole

Full Photoset: 112 pictures. Gay Asian twink Sawat Boydee is a very sexy guy, and he know it!  He was a bit shy at first. and not sure how to pose when getting his photos taken. But he soon got into it and posed like a true porn star .
Sawat got an immediately bender as soon he slipped down his white briefs. His cock is medium sized, and got a pretty pinkish cock head. His ass hole has the same nice color, and Sawat willingly spread his cheeks for the photographer.  As you might already seen here on  Sawat is a great bottom!  He has no problem admitting that when fucked; He want to do it with no condom, even if he don’t know his partner.

Full Lenght: 40 minutes. Gay Asian Bareback summer sex with Jack Yai and Sawat Boydee: The boys meet up for the first time, a bit shy at first. Sawat is curious about what Jack has hidden in his underwear, giggling at first. Next he has his mouth full sucking that big dick! Jack Yai then give Sawat the same treatment. Spit runs down into Sawat’s winking hole whilst Jack sucking that juicy hard cock.
Sawat getting ready: He places himself in doggy-position on the chair. Jack smack his hard rod on the hungry boy hole, a bit of spit and pushing, his raw cock slides in. Jack is eager fucker, and they swap to missionary position over in the bed. Sawat’s hole gapes and pulsates as the big cock slide in and out, he try to hold Jack back to not go so deep, but to no use. Jack does as he pleases!
They swap again, now Sawat sit his ass down on the cock, riding it. Jack use his hips for extra trust, he bounces on and on until he is ready to cum. Pulling out, and after a few strokes, cum spitting out of his cock head into Sawat’s ass crack.  Then pushing his cum covered cock inside him again…. : Have a great bareback summer!

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