Full Lenght: 43 minutes. Pong Sun is a cute Asian twink and he is 21 years old. At first he might look straight, but this guy is 100% gay and versatile. It also seems to be a shortage of meat in the districts, so the boys go hard at the veggies and fruits for the time being. Here Pong strip of for the camera, show of his nice cock and finger fuck his shaved hole. Then he goes at it with a hard banana and pushes it up his hole, fucking himself so he get even harder. But that is not the end of it, this gay guy has more stuff to show you!

Kan MalayKan MalayKan Malay

Full Photoset: 76 pictures. Kan Malay is one really handsome Asian dancer boy. This guy is dancing for his audience every night, just look at that nice muscular body. But there is one thing Kan likes more then dancing and that is fucking. As you might already have seen, Kan is a super top even so his cock is not the biggest it is quite thick. A perfect g-spot massage rod! Get full set and duo video with Kan in members area now.

Full Lenght: 35 minutes. The boys now have really heated up! Kan is very eager and quickly forcing his hard cock inside Tia who grunts and groans in pleasure and pain. He fuck him good and Tia loosens up, and then Kan has a surprise for Tia. How about a big cucumber up the ass ? Kan then passionately fuck Tia with the cucumber and widening the hole more and more until Tia beg Kan to get his cock inside again. So he does and he get it hard and wild until Kan shoots his load right into Tia’s cum hungry mouth. Then Kan get into action with Tia’s nipples, and soon Tia is one happy, exhausted and drained boy! Full movie in members area.

Tia Anakon and Kan MalayTia Anakon and Kan MalayTia Anakon and Kan MalayTia Anakon and Kan Malay


Full Photoset: 102 pictures. 19 years old Asian boy Ruy Chai love to show off for the camera. He had all the time a smile ready, and his cock standing rock hard on command. Ruy has quite furry legs and he is proud of his hairy ass, since most Asian are more smooth and body hair is popular in Asian countries. This makes other guys jealous of him, and they would do anything to get in bed with him! See Ruy cum in members area now.

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