Full Lenght: 40 minutes. Chai Dee is a young handsome 18 year old Asian boy with a tasty lollipop. Like most boys in that age, he is very horny. So he also tell us and proves it in this first part of his all new video. In the start he show of in his white undies, exposes his hard cock. Then he get sucked by the Cameraman while he get his tight young hole played with. Chai Dee seems pretty proud of his long rock hard perfect cock, and no doubt he should! Next up the Cameraman lick Chai’s ass, his hole got just little-bit of hair around it’s tender entrance. Chai almost swallows his lollipop when he for the first time in his life get rimmed. After a good licking he get what he begs for. A good hard fuck!

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Full Photoset: 126 pictures. Nok is sweetness on a stick, or could I say sweetness with a hard stick. Yes, he like tio sit on hard sticks too! This adorable boy  is 18 years old and he is really fun. He loved showing of his smooth body and there was always a smile with those sexy poses. Sometimes he also gave this innocent look, but I can assure you this guy could really be a bad boy,  in good terms of course. Now enjoy him spread his wide fucked gaping hole and jerk his cock until he cum!

Full Lenght: 36 minutes. You have probably already seen sweet 18 year old Yod’s hot pictures, and he has now been featured in several videos here on Privateboymovie.com. In this video he joins up with 19 year old Kho. Yod was quite shy since this was his first time on video, but he sure enjoyed being fucked. See those two cutie’s having a nice erotic and horny time together with sweet kisses. They both enjoy each other cocks and Kho licks Yod’s ass nice and wet before putting his dick inside that little tight ass. And don’t miss out on Yod getting his face splattered with Kho’s salty cum. This video is extended with almost 7 minutes from the original, for some unexplained reason two great scenes were left out during editing. One scene is were Yod suck Koh’s cock until he shoot a preload of cum in Yod’s mouth, who get quite surprised, and the shivering horny boy barely can control himself from releasing it all. Also on the second scene previously not released where Yod rides Koh’s cock, Yod have to stop to avoid Koh cumming to soon! So fucking adorable and a shame that these scenes mysteriously were left out in the original edit.

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Full Photoset: 134 pictures. Awe did his first appearance here at Privateboymovie several years ago. He is now 26 years old, and got a little bit more meat on his bones since then. Still he is a cute and polite guy, and probably most famous for his gaping ass hole! Now he is back for yet another photo set, and yes there should be a video coming soon too. Here he show of in his nice clothes, until they all get of. He play with his hard dark Asian cock, and show us his hairy ass crack and balls. In the middle of the set his ass get shaved and he stretches his hole wide, letting us see deep inside his anal cave before he wank off and shoot a pretty big load of cum.

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