Full Lenght: 49 minutes. Gus Nong and Ton Sap continues their adventures this weekend. Ton Sap is the dominant one, and he fingers and licks Gus’s ass before fucking him with his big cock. They switch between several positions, and Ton Sap eagerly lick Gus Nong’s gaping hole everytime he pulls out for a new position. Riding on top must have been Gus Nong’s favorite position, because that makes him cum all over Ton Sap’s face. The horny boy lick it all up while he jerk off and shoot his load all over Gus Nong’s wide fucked hole. Then he lick that up too, no sperm get’s wasted here!

Full Photoset: 85 pictures. Cute Set just love to pose for the camera, and he sure now his way around. Right before the photo shoot he had also been fucked pretty hard, so his  sphincter was very relaxed. With this in mind the photographer asked him to push it out, resulting in some very hot pics of his exposed red rosebud! See all his cute and kinky pics in members area.

Full Lenght: 31 minutes. Nick is not shy at all. Here he pull down his pants and let his big dick bounce out. He play with his hard tool and show of his little fuckhole, stretches it out. The cameraman can not behave himself, and pushes his cock down Nick’s throat. Then he give him a hard ass fuck in many positions and Nick really enjoys it. When Nick’s hole is pounded gaping wide, he shoot cum all over it. Then Nick also can not hold it and jerk off his big dick and shoot a nice load of cum.

Full Photoset: 139 pictures. Some of you guys might already get to know Ton Sap a bit, after seeing him in Asian Style Gangbang, and also duo’s with Gus Nong and Phet. Ton got a big power tool to be proud of, he also like to wear a cockring when going to bars and the disco for some extra attention. Here he use some massage oil on his smooth skin and cock, showing off with and without the cockring before jerking off and cumming.

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