Full Lenght: 24 minutes. Jame has this straight 18 year old friend named Lo who joined him for a drink. After a while Jame managed to convince him to try out having gay sex with him. So Lo went in the shower to prepare as instructed, and when he came back Jame was all hard. Lo sucked his hard cock and licked his ass good, and he got in return from Jame.  Then after several tries and some deep fingering, Lo finally loosened up enough so Jame could pound his straight virgin ass as much and hard as he wanted. For the final Jame shoot his load all overs Lo’s pulsating hole and then Lo jerked off over Jame. This made Jame so horny that he even had to cum a second time, and this time Lo got to taste!

Full Photoset: 98 pictures. Ab his such a cutie pie! He is always smiling and he is always horny. He loved to pose for the camera, showing his sexy, skinny and smooth petite body. As you might already have seen this guy love to be fucked, and he is always hard. There are also some really naughty bonus pictures added to this set showing his just wide fucked gaping hole.

Full Lenght: 14 minutes. We have all now seen Gus Nong get fucked hard and creamed by Ton Sap. Now it is time for a little solo fun with this cute Asian twinky tween. Gus Nong is not shy at all, and seems to enjoy the photo session allot, and the sideman Ton Sap can not keep his filthy mouth shut. So some funny moments too here, combined with simple horny lust!

Full Photoset: 97 pictures. You have probably seen Kit’s movie already. There he takes a big cucumber up his ass before he is getting fucked even wider. Here he show off for the photographer, and he love it. This horny guy has an ass and cock to be proud of. Kit just love spreading his hole wide for everyone to enjoy.

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