Full Lenght: 35 minutes. 19 year old Art meet up with 18 year old Lek who got a nice big cock. The boys are eager to get down to business, so they get close and french kisses. This sweet kissing makes the boys so horny that the go on sucking each others cocks and Art is getting quite a mouthful. But just to get his mouth filled is not enough for Art, he want to get his ass filled too. Lek is rimming eager to get to the next step and after Art get to widening his hole with some fingers, Lek his quick about getting his hard big cock raw deep inside. To quick indeed! Making Art squeak a twitch like a little piggy, but after a short pause the boys are back in business again. Lek fuck Art in missionary, sidewinder and in doggy-style leading on to a nice cock riding session. For Lek’s finale pumping he lay Art down on the floor, sitting over him and trust down until he is ready to shoot. Lek pulls out and shoots cum straight into Art’s wide open hole, then pushing the few drops of cum that did not get in with his cock. No wonder Art is giving us a nice satisfied smile!

Full Photoset: 108 pictures. 19 year old Asian slim twink Puu is up for a nice show off of good stuff. Puu got several nice sexy features besides being a very cute and friendly boy. His cock is very thick and is constantly leaking precum when he is hard, causing wet spots all over the sheets and underwear. His ass hole opens wide when he show off his ass in doggy style, it is like it is screaming for cock and we can look all inside his hungry hole. Puu is 100% bottom, believe it or not. So some dreams crushed there for riding his thick rod, but others might come true when it comes to fucking his sloppy hole.

Full Lenght: 36 minutes. Tee is a cute skinny 18 year old Asian Twink found in the touristic streets looking to hook up with a Western tourist for some afternoon sex. He run into a guy with a camera, and we all know how that ends! Tee also was kind enough to shave his cock and ass before the filming giving us a clear view of his pretty cock and small hole. Tee was convincing enough when it came to his oral skills, but even more convincing when he said he had only been fucked once before. And this time the white cock was bigger then the one he got up his ass on his first time fucked. But skinny Tee took it like a champ giving away some whimpering sounds when it got to fast and deep, something that encouraged the horny Cameraman to give him more. After some good fucking in several positions, Tee felt the cock hit his pleasure spot and came moaning while fucked. Then after playing with his cum and spreading his wide fucked hole, the Cameraman shoot a big load of cum all over Tee’s face. The good service minded boy took the leftovers in his mouth until he was blowing bubbles of cum!

Full Photoset: 123 pictures. 18 year old Lee is one sweet Asian puppy that will melt your hearth, in this extended photo set. Here he is posing for the camera for the first time, and yes he was very shy. Just look at that innocent look of his, and the truth be told. It was his first time stripping for a White guy too. Before he had only fooled around with his Thai buddies at school. So now he is here, all nude and exposed for us to enjoy when he shoot his load in front of the camera for the first time.

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