Full Lenght: 43 minutes. When touching Kim, his cock raises up and is rock hard before he get his pants of. His cock is so nice and big and Kim is mostly a top. But here that get turned around, he get fucked hard and deep until his pink asshole is loose and wide. But that was not enough, so he get penetrated with a big dildo stretching his ass even more. See this guy take it over and over again until cumming and taking the cameraman’s cum too.

Full Photoset: 135 pictures. Sun is a really fun boy, he is full of energy and does not sit still for long. This guy is so slim and cute and he also has a nice thick cock hidden in his pants, which was real nice surprise. Sun’s dick is so nice and thick, and check out that smooth tight ass. There is only one thing to say about Sun; Delicious ! Check out his hot pictures when stripping of and showing it all before jerking his cock for a juicy cum shoot.

Full Lenght: 28 minutes. Mon Kwang, the cute Asian twink with long hair is back with another hot video. This was taken during one of his photo shoots who turned out really good, but did the video get even better ? Here we see the full shaving session up close, from his ass to around his cock. Then Mon Kwang get his cock fluffed up by the Cameraman. and after a good ass licking, he insert several big green limes inside his hole. Shooting them out again up close to the video-camera, and exposing his red rosebud. Mon Kwang finishes off with a good jerk off and a nice load of cum covers his smooth shaved skin. Good and kinky fun times with Mon Kwang!

Full Photoset: 105 pictures. Bee is 19 years old, and has a cute smile and a good mood. His body is slim and smooth and he don’t mind showing all his good stuff. Bee is not exactly the most masculine boy out there, but he is certainly very sweet and a horny boy. He prefers to be bottom and has a nice fuckable ass. When he got his pictures taken his dick was hard long before his boxers fell off, so it just popped out!

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